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Water Heaters 
No HOT water is serious business! When you have no hot water there are are a couple of things you can check before calling us. 

1) Is the breaker tripped?
2) Is there gas in the rest of your house? 

If you have power or gas to the water heater and you still have no hot water you're gonna need to call a pro. Gas and Electricity are nothing to mess with, you'd better call a professional. We promise to treat you fairly, like family. We repair and replace water heaters in Calimesa and Calimesa loves FLOW-PRO plumbing!
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Timothy, Water heater expert in Calimesa

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We'll take good care of you!

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We know chooosing a plumber can be hard so we want you to use these coupons and try us out! 
You won't be disappointed. 

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Water Heaters

They're smaller, they save money, and they NEVER run out of HOT water in Calimesa. If you've got teenagers this is the solution for endless HOT water in Calimesa. 
This is no handyman job though. You must make sure the venting, the gas, and the electric is done to code and safe. Leave it to the Flow-Pros!

Call us Calimesa!

Drain Cleaning

A good drain cleaner needs 2 things to be succesful and do the job right. 
1) Experience
2) The proper equipment

We've got both of those
Calimesagive us a call today for all your drain needs!

​We'll get you unclogged quick!


Jetter Service

Sometimes it's not enough to just snake a drain. The drain needs to be thoroughly washed with a high pressure jetter. We have the best equipment ready to go and take care of all your Calimesa jetting needs! 
We'll get it done right, the first time. 

Backlfow service, repair, and replacment in Calimesa
Commercial plumber plumbing in Calimesa
Sump pump repair and replacement Calimesa


When you need a commercial plumber we're gonna be there for you. Calimesa businesses are losing money every minute you can't be open due to a plumbing emergency. Give us a call! We've got the equipment and "know how" 


For professional 
backflow testing, replacement, and repair in Calimesa we're your best choice. We got the job done on time and on budget. 
Flow-Pro knows backflow!

Sewer Pumps

Not the most glamorous job we do, but we're face it head on and get the job done. When your sewer or Calimesa sump pump is out of order call us and we'll get taken care. 
We're on standby waiting for your call. 

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Water Heater ​s
Don't delay. 
No HOT water is a serious issue. Get HOT water fast when you call us. We've got Calimesa hot water covered. Call us!

This is a job you want done properly! With decades of experience with Septic tanks in the area we are the logical choice. Get it done right the first time, Calimesa! 

Hey, somebody's gotta do it! It's what we're good at. We've got fully stocked trucks, know how, and integrity. We'll get your plumbing job done on time and on budget. Just ask around Calimesa, we're the area favorite!

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David K. 
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5 star water heater company Callimesa
Tim @ Flo-Pro Plumbing is very well educated in this industry and provides excellent service! He does quality work, has competitive pricing & he stands by his work!! He truly cares about his clients and the work he does for them!! We have since moved to AZ but would pay the service call fee if he would make the trip out here!! Haven’t found a trustworthy or quality plumber like him yet!!
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Scott R.
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5 star water heater company Calimesa
We've had the Flow-Pro team at our place for several projects big and small, from completely replacing a failed septic system, to installing fancy toilet upgrades throughout the house. They were recommended by a friend, and the service turned out to be friendly, fast, and reasonable.
Water heater clients in Calimesa
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5 star water heater company Calimesa
This family is outstanding! Tim does amazing work and is very reliable. Please support this family owned business.